• As one of the most sought-after Life Coaches in the state, Kimile offers result-oriented personal and couple coaching. Kimile intuitively understands what may seem like chronically impossible situations. Whether your present issue is self-sabotage, relationship frustration, past traumas or parenting headaches, Kimile's unique ability helps you discover your inherited templates you use to interpret your life. Understanding yourself provides the key to immediate and positive healing.

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"Since 2002, Kimile's coaching and trainings have been pivotal in the success of my marriage and business. Kimile’s method of coaching is magical in getting me to my own answers and has assisted me to deal with anything that is getting in the way of moving forward.

All of my children have been in coaching sessions with Kimile as well as teen training. When my husband Troy and I have a road block we have a couple’s session to get to the truth, and move ahead."

Jan M.President, Standers, Inc.

"One hour with Kimile and I was a different person. She bottom-lined what was getting in my way and helped me move forward in a powerful way."

Mitch B.

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Kimile is available for Television, Radio, Public Speaking, Corporate Events, Interviews, Commentary, Guest Blogging, and Consultation. She is electric in conversation and sure to inspire positive change.

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For 7 years Kimile has been a regular guest on Good Things Utah, ABC 4 News and the Daily Dish, where she helps families deal with all types of relationship issues. Channel 4 has labeled her their "Relationship Expert."

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The Beauty Battalion

Armed with years of experience in beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle, The Beauty Battalion is ready to infiltrate the beauty industry and change the very meaning of beauty. Starting with transformations from the inside-out, these experts will take deserving people through a life-changing experience. From conquering their insecurities, to learning top tricks to keep them looking and feeling young, the Team will put them through the Beauty Basics and show the world what beauty is all about.

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Couples Coaching

Kimile has heard it all with respect to relationship challenges. She has coached thousands of couples and one of the most difficult things in relationships is meeting intimacy needs. Whether its sexual intimacy or emotional intimacy, Kimile gets you to face what is truly blocking the love. Be ready for some big a-ha's together.

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One on One By Appointment

Kimile is a full time professional Life Coach & Mediator for over 26 years, has coached over 12,500 people & mediated over 1200 cases. Kimile is known for her no nonsense approach and her ability to quickly resolve emotionally charged and complex cases. She is masterful in her expertise of intuiting and transforming emotional wounds. Kimile is available by appointment at her office, via phone or by Skype." For an appointment contact her at: 801-263-2200 or healwithkimile@gmail.com.

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